Grid Reference CV 816208
Department DEPI
Work Depot Benalla
Region North East
Grading Secondary
Elevation (ASL) 799m
Height On Ground
Construction Timber
Cabin size 2.4m x 2.4m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1961 - 1980 (original)
1980 - current
CFA Region 22 - North Eastern
Mt. Wombat watches over the Strathbogie Ranges and surrounding farmland. Views are approx. 100km to the North, West and the Great Dividing Range in the East and South East. Mt. Macedon, Mt. Matlock and Mt. Useful are some of the towers visible from Mt. Wombat.
Photo and information supplied by Geoff Broughton. (Joshua, (5) son of Geoff in picture, 1999)

The information and photos below were supplied by David Bannear
On Sunday 19th October 1980, the lookout was destroyed by fire, caused by a lightning strike. There were some discussions as to replace or re-locate Mt. Wombat lookout or find a more suitable place all together, but in the end a new lookout was erected on the same site. The original lookout was also a timber cabin but with a gable roof.

Mt. Wombat got a new cabin at the start of the 2010-11 fire season.

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Original Mt. Wombat Lookout
with gable roof
Original Mt. Wombat Lookout
with gable roof
FLO get-together
in 2003
supplied by Andre Belterman
Geoff with his
new cabin Oct 2010
supplied by Geoff Broughton
Mt. Wombat ready
for a days work 201?
supplied by Geoff Broughton

The tower in the end of April 2018. The tower was visited as part of the end-of-season-FLO-gathering.
Photos supplied by Andre Belterman.

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